Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Week in My Youtube Viewing History

Due to unemployment I tend to have a lot of time on my hands and love to look at youtube. And here's a list of the videos I LOVE, and think you should too (some of them I know are super old, but just pretend like I'm a cool kid for once. Thanks).

(If you seriously thought this would not be on the list you are seriously ridiculous. I dance along...)
(Have you SEEN Gale?????)
(I feel that you have to find this funny. It's just necessary)
(I really feel like this would make the movie less awkward)
(This cover is AWESOME. And I think she's adorable)
(This video is truth)
(I actually walked around the house singing this today. My brother was slightly disturbed at first)
(sorry, i'm dying laughing right now)

So, thats a huge chunk of my youtube history from the last week actually. Pathetic, meh not really. I find it awesome and all, but I suppose I should form some sort of hobby eh? Oh, and for those that are wondering, yes I did skip over quite a few in my history because Jake uses my account too apparently and watches a lot of political type videos. No need for that.

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