Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Is What I Do to Avoid Political Rants.

Everyone all over is talking about gun control laws, and honestly it's gotten really annoying. I can tell most of the stuff is said to start some hot debate (and due to the fact that you are annoying I kind of want to buy guns simply to annoy you...but I won't) and honestly, not cool. No one is talking about the real issues. The things that really matter. Here are some things I have pondered today (it was a day I forgot my iPod at home and was forced to drive with the radio on...):

1. Is it weird to play a Taylor Swift song immediately following a One Direction song? I mean didn't those two break up? What songs, you may ask... I did actually get the titles of said songs and tried to piece together some story (because honestly, listening to the songs is much more boring). I believe it was the awkward One Direction song called Little Things (yes, darling...that muffin adorable...) followed by T-Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble. So I'm guessing what's his head complimented her muffin top and she took that as a sign that he was trouble and she obviously should have know. 

2. It's a little awkward that someone that is around the same age as me (T-Swift) would date someone that is around the age of my younger brother (the One Direction weirdo). That's just too weird of an age gap at that point in your lives I think. Getting out of those teeny bopper year, and being finally legal to booze it up. I think we all know what that floppy haired kid was going for.

3. It's weird that T-Swift is nearly the same age as me. She acts like a 12 year old. I mean I may like a few songs of hers, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't act like a child.

4. Why in the world did I waste so much time thinking about T-Swift and just one of her many ex-boyfriends?

5. Why is no one playing JT's new song on the radio yet. I just think it should instantly be on there so that at least when I am stuck with the radio there's a larger chance that something good will come on and I can enjoy myself instead of making up elaborate stories about people's lives. 

6. Why did I have to start watching the HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce, AFTER everyone has already seen it? Why is no one still talking about it? I'm dying to talk about it. I'm through part 3 (just got it from my place of biblioteca, yesterday) and I want to slap her daughter. And then slap some sense into Mildred. Stupid.

I think that just about ends my ridiculous rant for the night. Hope it takes your mind off of gun control laws. I know people's opinions are all over the place, and I prefer not to even say what I think because I don't know enough and don't want to start anything (which is kind of what a lot of people should do I think).

And to end it, the JT song I think the radio should play on command just for me when I left my iPod at home.

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