Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Assortment of Valentine's Cards

So, if you know me pretty well you know I'm kind of anti-Valentine's Day. You might wonder why, since I am married and all that but I suppose I just don't understand why you have to pick on day to be all lovey-dovey and then the rest of the days you're just like whatever. I could go on, but basically I think that every day is the perfect opportunity to show people you care for them, not just Valentine's day. So stop acting like it's the only day.

Anyway, the real point of me writing anything tonight. I love finding the most ridiculous Valentine's Day cards ever on the internet. Normally made by other people, and they just make me laugh. A lot. One of the awesome parts of Valentine's Day. The other awesome part is chocolate and candy. But this year I am only seeing myself buying candy for myself (yes, one of the things I miss about being in a school around this holiday) (hint, I love chocolate) so that's kinda lame.

But tonight I am talking the cards, and I give you some of the best I could find. Some of them were unfortunately part of a giant image, but still very entertaining. 
Dwight Schrute, what a sweet talker.

Haymitch really does love is liquor, so for me to like you more than he likes that is HUGE.

Ok, so these are necessarily Valentine's cards, but Community quotes that look like they could be Valentine's cards. Oh this show.

Ah,  Game of Thrones. Yes, that happened. She ate a horse heart.

YES, more Game of Thrones. 

Is any holiday really complete without some Nicholas Cage? I dare you to not stare at the chest hair.

If you haven't watched any of It's Always Sunny, then just ignore this.

Ah, the Harry Potter ones are so good. I don't think I put all the ones I found on here.

I read this with a British accent, no lies.

Can you believe this is the only decent Batman one I found? I love Batman, so this is really disappointing.

Ohhhhh Snape...

This is the only time I will ever put this person on here. 

This is mostly for the Peeta one. I don't like Peeta, and the only thing he's good for is bread, as is shown on this card. That and he's needy (or kneady...ahhh).

No comment. She just looks ridiculous.

I just look at this and think of his acting in the movie and laugh a little.

I swear, I promise, you are the one.



Siriusly, Siriusly in love.

I may have a slight thing for Thor...

If you didn't watch last week's HIMYM then I apologize for this.

I just love Marshall

Yea... I just had to put this up...sorry.

Words of advice from Michael Scott

I kinda had to make the noises out loud, then I laughed

Have you watched Doctor Who? Because this is the most terrifying Valentine ever.

Ahhh, Nicolas Cage makes the best Valentine's Cards.

A little bit of Doctor Who. Sorry. I love them so much.

And we end on a high note. No, I can't stand Nicholas Cage, but I laugh whenever he's involved. I should clarify, I laugh at him.

So, pretend that I sent you all a Valentine's Day Card. Pick your favorite. You're welcome. I hope you have a nice, chocolate filled Valentines day.

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