Friday, March 1, 2013

I tend to like British singers.

I feel the need to share some new music I've discovered (thank you Spotify). As it turns out British Pop music kicks the Pop music of America's butt (Justin Timberlake is still really excellent though. No one can come close to him). No joke (America, I liked Ellie Goulding before you, so suck it. I also liked Adele first). So I thought I would share a few of my favorite British singers (sorry, all female at the moment but all so good). Feel free to suggest more if you would like.

Rebecca Ferguson- Too Good To Lose
This song is just so catchy. She's my most recent discovery, and I am really excited to listen to more of her music.

Nina Nesbitt- Boy
She doesn't have much out it seems, which is really sad. 

Emeli Sande- Next to Me
I am in love with her voice. And the tempo of her songs. Another favorite is My Kind of Love. Check it.

Paloma Faith- Smoke and Mirrors
This was the hardest choice I have ever had to make, which song of hers would I like to put on here. I am in love with her voice and songs. I seriously can't get enough.

Now if you could compare these to some of those American Pop artists that everyone somehow really loves and tell me how they are better than these four lovely ladies then please tell me what I am not getting.

Ok, side note, I really do love Justin Timberlake.

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