Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is a FLDSMDFR worth the risk?


If you don't understand that reference then you probably shouldn't read this post, unless you are hoping to watch the movie it is referencing and want to see if it's awesome (which it is). And yes, I am most definitely referencing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (the movie, duh). As I was watching, eating my pancakes and craving other greasy foods that the FLDSMDFR spit out in the sky I wondered, is a FLDSMDFR worth the risk?

Today, I am having the worst craving for greasy foods, such as Cheese Curds, Taco Bell, Dominos Pizza, etc. Being that I live in such a small town there really is not fast food around (and no, I do not like McDonalds and refuse to eat at the one in Zumbrota. It takes them forever just to make a McFlurry). If I had a FLDSMDFR I could have all of that greasy goodness created for me and I could eat it. I'm literally sitting here thinking of all the foods I could make, and how badly I want it. I really could go for a burrito.

Anyway, so this FLDSMDFR seems awesome, but being that the food mutates in the movie it's a little risky. Like I think I would need to avoid spaghetti.

So there's always that issue of it mutating, but everything else is pretty sweet. Like when he had it "snow" ice cream. 

Oh, and the snowball fights.

Or that awesome Jello house thing he made. 

It would be so awesome to get a FLDSMDFR and all. I think even fighting mutant gummy bears would be awesome.

So, with knowing this, is a FLDSMDFR worth it? I mean it could mutate and everything and we could all die because the food killed us, but it could also bring awesomeness. MMMM greasy awesomeness.

Side note: If you haven't seen this movie (and this means you probably don't know my sister...) you really should. Especially with the next movie coming out in September.

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