Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Things I Sometimes Ponder.

I realize that there are probably a million important things to ponder and think about, but in order to distract myself from real life issues I think about things that don't even matter and seriously debate them. This week it's been a bit of everything.

Why can't they just install a dishwasher in every rental property? I have done dishes way too many times today and I am getting so tired of it. First off, you have to use hot/warm water. Uh, I don't have AC so as I'm doing dishes I'm also sweating. I don't think that should happen. Then there's those food chunks that float around and randomly float to your hands. Am I the only one that is grossed out by this? Like I can't get everything scraped out and then there's just some ground beef floating around. It's feels like some sort of critter just swimming around in there. I seriously would pay a little bit extra for a dishwasher. Done.

This is more of a statement than a question, but I love Liz Lemon. Seriously, one of my favorite TV characters. I am finally watching the last season of 30 Rock and I just love her. She eats whatever she wants and her little catch phrases are awesome. Don't be surprised if I start yelling "blerg" or when I get mad I scream "nerd rage." Just go with it. Liz Lemon, though not my favorite character due to her political beliefs (thanks Jake, that now factors into things), is someone I would love to be. Well, in a way I would love to be her. So instead I will always make sure to follow her advice and always puts chips on my sandwich.

Mariah Carey, why does your song title have a hashtag in it? #Beautiful makes it look like it was solely meant for twitter. Yes, I have a twitter account, but I hate when Twitter mannerisms make it away from Twitter and into my every day life. Not that Mariah Carey is in my every day life, but I see the song title on Spotify (thanks guys in my area for listening to it, it's now recommended for me or something like that) all the time. And it bothers me. Hashtags don't belong anywhere but Twitter. and Instagram I guess. Well, tumblr too...but that's it. 

I don't get the appeal of Macklemore. I think that's how you spell it. I seem to never remember which order the "l" and "e" go. Anyway, he's not original.Yea, I know no one is original these days. But I feel like he has that as one of his claims to fame and I just don't see it. It's cool that he did all this work on his own and yadda yadda. His songs are too catchy (well, most of them. I tend to only listen to three. And they are pretty much the ones about nothing in particular). I guess people think he's accepting of everyone and all that, but I really don't think he is. Yes he's accepting of different races and lifestyle choices but he seems really unaccepting of Christians. You honestly can't call yourself an accepting person unless you accept everyone for who they are even though they may not think the same as you. That's how I define an accepting and generally caring person. They may think differently than their neighbors, but that doesn't mean that they are. Maybe he's mostly accepting, but not completely. I guess I just don't like when people preach it and then don't follow through. I dunno, am I missing something so awesome about him completely? And don't just saying "he's so good" because that's not a legitimate reason. Props to him for being sober though, but it's unfortunate that the reason he is sober is because he was that addicted. That being said, why are you making party songs? These are the songs that get listened to at bars as people that are anywhere from starting their first drink to trashed are singing. Why is he good? I just don't get him. That being said, I only listen to three of his songs: And We Danced, Thrift Shop, and Can't Hold Us Down (that one just has a cool beat in the background and I think I almost like that more than the song). And if you don't know And We Danced then I feel like you need to catch up on a lot of things. Seriously, that song is very entertaining. End rant (with a song of course...).

Next, why in the world did they decide to have Jay-Z do the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby? Before I start I want to say it's an excellent sound track, just not for that particular movie. Also, I have not seen the movie, but based off of the reviews that I have read I can only assume that the soundtrack is not helping that movie sell as much as the director had hoped. OK...the Great Gatsby...1920's...rap music. Seriously? Whenever I think of this book I think of Jazz music. I think of the Charleston and the brass section and all of this fabulousness, and yet this movie is apparently giving me rap and r&b? Seriously. I would take this soundtrack as an album that is not in anyway connected to Gatsby. I am so nervous to see this movie. I adore the book, and I just have this gut feeling that I will have massive nerdrage at the end of it because Baz Luhrmann is a bit of an idiot. Ok, there is some Jazz elements in the music, but not enough. Serious nerd rage here. 

Side note, does anyone want to go see Gatsby with me? I still need to see it. 

 As it turns out, these are the biggest things that have distracted me from reality lately. Take it as it is. And we will end with something awesome...

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