Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So I don't like snakes. Big deal

There seems to be so much seriousness going on these days, and I feel like I should lighten the mood with things that happen to me, or things that pop into my head, that distract me from things such as offensive magazine covers or people who can't learn that protesting does nothing.

Today I had a preschooler confess their love for me. Awkward, yes. What makes it even more awkward was that he was in trouble at swimming lessons. He was swimming away from the wall when we had clearly told him that he needed to be at the wall with the class. When I brought him back to the wall (apparently I'm just that great of a swimming teacher where I can teach him to swim away from the wall but not towards it?) I was asking him where he was supposed to be. Instead of telling me where he was supposed to be he leans in and goes "I love you". Now this kid is an affectionate kid from what I can see, but I had to take a step back. I repeated the question multiple times asking him where he needed to be, and he continued to tell me he loves me. Eventually I gave in and gave him the answer and he immediately stopped telling me he loved me and said "Ohhhh." Really? Really? You swam away from the wall telling me "I'm not at the wall!!" Goodness. Preschoolers these days.

I also had to face my fears today. Mice and Snakes. Not at the same time, and honestly I really should grow up and get over it. The mouse story is an interesting story, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, so we'll just go with my irrational fear of snakes. Ok, I guess the fear isn't irrational. They're super creepy, and if it's poisonous it can easily kill you. Not a terrible thing to be frightened of, right? Well the fact that I was on edge because they were in the same building as me is a bit more irrational. There was a reptile and amphibian zoo at the library today for the summer reading program, and as I heard all those kids ohhh and ahhh over snakes, I cringed. I didn't even see a single one, yet I was freaked out the entire time. I just really don't like snakes.

My next topic....Miley Cyrus and her stupid new song. First off, I heard it on the radio today and it has been stuck in my head ALL day. Seriously, the most frustrating thing ever. The song is terrible. I mean honestly, Miley can't even think of a more creative way to tell all her "haters" that she can say whatever she wants because "it's her mouth and she can say what she wants to." Not sure if that's a direct quote, but meh. Also, why are people shaking their butts like they're in a strip club? The only strip clubs I've seen are the tv/movie versions but I'd rather not think of people do that. I guess I just don't understand a song that says "we like to party" and all the ways you like to party. Seriously, be more creative. My bad, I guess I'm just one of the haters. But according to your song that doesn't matter because someone else loves you, so thats good. I'm glad you have someone else Miley.

Bieber. Yes, my next thought is Bieber. All I have to say is, I told you so. He's become quite the stinker, and I totally saw it coming (yes, I said stinker. I don't want to be cursing and such. That's wrong. I leave that one up to the Biebs).

And that is pretty much it. That's what I've been thinking about all day (or what's happened to me). I find it to be a nice break from reality, because I really don't care to think about what's going on in my life at this time. And now I'm going to attempt to sleep another night during a heat advisory. Portable AC, please keep me cool.

Maybe next time I write it'll be something cooler, and more creative and thoughtful. We'll see.

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