Saturday, July 20, 2013

One of my newest favorite movies.

I am no movie expert, in any means. I watch good movies, but I watch a ton of bad movies as well. But if there's one movie I think that people should's Warm Bodies.

Yes, this movie. No, I have not read the book (I really want to, but I haven't had the chance yet) but I find the movie hilarious. Here's the basics of it: Massive zombie apocalypse. Many people are zombies, but there is the stereotypical organize group of humans that is trying to win the whole thing. The main character's name is R, a zombie. He has friends, if you can consider two zombies to be friends, and the entire movie is narrated through his mind (hilarious). Basically he falls in love with a human and becomes more and more human every day.

Here's what I like that movie. First off, the main character is an awesome actor. He also plays Beast in the newer X-Men movies and he's pretty good. In fact, the entire cast is pretty good and for the most part they aren't that well known. This movie plot is pretty cheesy, and they do well with it.

There are some really interesting concepts in it that kind of make you think more about the zombie end of the whole zombie apocalypse thing (because as you are fighting for your life against zombies you really need to know what the zombies are going through and make decisions based off of that, right?). For instance, you get to hear why these particular zombies like to eat brains. They gain more than just a tasty treat from it, and it was a little cool and something different. Seeing it all from a zombie's perspective is different in general, which is probably another reason why I like it.

Another thing, inner monologue. This guy is kind of funny. It's probably one of the most honest inner monologues ever, at least to me anyway. I feel like I talk very similar to him in my head so maybe that's my connection with it. The amount of times he tries to not be creepy as a zombie is pretty funny. Also, watching a zombie become human again is pretty funny.

In general this movie is a pretty fun movie. It's pretty light-hearted and something you could watch multiple times. It's one of those movies that I could have on while doing other things but still know what's happening. Like I said, not a movie expert, but this has been one of my recent favorites and I definitely splurged a little bit and bought it for myself so I could watch it whenever I wanted. This movie is different, and kind of picks fun of the zombie apocalypse without being ridiculous. Love could definitely end the zombie apocalypse.

Now if only I could get my hands on the book.

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