Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's like I rediscovered TV

It's my birthday!! WHOOOOO! Another year older. It's been a nice, relaxing day filled with a mediocre cafe (well, their lunch menu was mediocre...the cheesecake I had was delicious), a romantic comedy, and finishing up my book (and now I'm waiting and anticipating the Walking Dead finale...EEK!)  


But THAT is not what my point for this particular blog entry is about. Today is about....My first week of TV for over a year!!!!!

Yep, I have not had any sort of TV for a little over a year. No dish, no cable, nothing but netflix and the internet (which has worked out fine...but some live things I have definitely missed). It was interesting to see what I would gravitate to during my first week of tv....

1. BASEBALL! Thank goodness for Spring Training. I have watched a baseball game a day. It's been fantastic (though I'm quite sad it hasn't ALWAYS been a Twins game..). I've really missed watching that and even though I may not get to watch those Twinkies I will get to watch a wide variety of teams.

2. The Today Show! Seriously...I have no idea why in the world I have been watching The Today show. I honestly don't care about any of it...AT ALL. But each morning by about 8 I had it on because I was already awake. Ridiculous, I know.... But I did watch just to see Shakira one day, so there was a reason once...

3. THE VOICE!!!!! I am SO pumped I have been able to watch it live this week. I normally have to watch like a day later, and I hated it. But HOORAY for being able to watch The Voice while it's happening! I really don't have much else to say about this one. No embarrassment at all.

4. Cupcake Wars... Yes....cupcake wars. How in the heck did I start watching that? I think I was kinda groggy and I though "OHHH I like cupcakes" and then decided that THIS was what I should be watching at the exact moment. They were doing cupcakes for Monster Trucks. Yes...because every time I see Monster Trucks I automatically think that I should find a cupcake. And the cupcakes had to be "manly" because men need manly cupcakes. I just...I dunno. It was stupid.

5. What Not To Wear! Again, not embarrassed. Seriously, can I submit myself to this show? I am sure my style is less than desirable AND who wouldn't love a $5,000 shopping spree. I could go by their rules. I could pretend to put up a fight. I could go for a full out makeover. Oh...that would be lovely. Though the rest on the shows on TLC suck. Seriously. Stacy and Clinton come save me!!!! AND COME BACK ON THE AIR!!!

6. Parks and Recreation. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT THIS HAD SOLID TWO HOUR BLOCKS ON VARIOUS CHANNELS????? Seriously, my life is complete! I love this series, and could watch all the episodes (well....minus the first season) over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I love it.

7. Family Feud. Seriously. How could you not watch this if it's on. You don't technically have to pay attention. You can yell out the better answers when the contestants clearly have NO idea what they are talking about. You can discuss how awesome you'd be on the show. You could laugh as people do ridiculous things. It's awesome.

8. HARRY POTTER WEEKEND ON ABC FAMILY! I don't know what it is, but I ALWAYS watch HP when it's marathoning on ABC Family even though I own all the movies. I don't quite understand why in the world I would sit through this because there's all the commercials. But they have the extended scenes and this weekend they're showing behind the scenes looks at Captain American (but he's not my favorite so I don't know why I'm watching it still). I mean they have all those ads for the terrible TV shows that they show (seriously...what the heck is Twisted and why does that kid have the creepiest mustache in the world?). But yes, ABC Family knows me well. prepare myself for the heartbreaking end of Dobby :(

That's just a list of the few things that I've been watching. I've also DVR'd The Incredibles (uhm, why wouldn't I DVR that one). I've caught up on Vikings. I'm recording the season finale of Walking Dead. I've watched Friends (because that is now on TV just as much as Parks and Rec). I've watched the local news to try to understand WI. And...I've watched a Knight's Tale.

It probably sounds like I've done nothing but stare at my TV for the past week, but I promise I've accomplished other things. I've unpacked a lot of stuff (though there's still more to do). I've cooked. I've taken my car to get fixed (ugh...). I've gone out to lunch with my husband. I've finished a book. and....I FOUND A JOB. 

I think a lil TV watching is ok, at least to get it out of my system so that when I start my job and all it won't be all the time. Plus, I tend to have it on from time to time just for the noise.

Week two of TV will be a little less crazy I'm sure. 

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