Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello from Wisconsin!!

I've made it to Wisconsin, my new home. Never would have thought I'd utter that sentence. But, we all know I'd pick Wisconsin over Iowa any day (no offense to anyone I may know from Iowa, but I just don't get that state...). It has been an adjustment, and it's still sinking in that I'm here. I do miss the good old state of MN, and all the things I was used to. Here's a few observations I've made about Wisconsin thus far:
1. Will I EVER get used to Wisconsin apparel being sold in a store instead of Minnesota Apparel? Seriously, I miss seeing my Twins in Target. Unrelated, do people here REALLY like the Brewers? Or do they cheer on another team? This is a serious question. I am not saying anything bad about the Brewers, I've just not been seeing a lot of Brewers apparel like I would Twins apparel in MN.
2. THERE IS BOOZE EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I can go to Target and get beer (and not just like crap beer, good beer) and other beverages of the alcoholic variety any day of the week! Not saying I'm boozing it up in Wisconsin or anything, but it sure is much more easily accessible here.
3. What is it with roundabouts here? I mean there are a ton where I am but I had to make my way through quite a few when I was moving over here on Friday. And man, are they confusing. Seriously. I was so lucky I was following someone or else I would have been lost and on my way to Lake Michigan or something.
4. Since being here I have observed a lot of stores and restaurants that you don't really see a lot anymore, and I am curious as to how they are successful. For example...the Sears here is still open and busy. Also, there are a ton of A&W's here. All things that I have seen get closed down. Bizarro. 
5. My husband discovered a really random restaurant that we ate at the other day. The building was clearly just a house at one point, but a spacious house. So the owner has transformed it into a restaurant. Oh, did I say just a restaurant? I meant that it has been transformed into a Mexican Restaurant. Yes. The food was pretty good, and pretty cheap. But the thing that totally threw me was when she asked if we had room for dessert. She didn't ask about dessert, she said "Did you guys save room for one of our homemade cupcakes?" Yes, this restaurant sells cupcakes. Massive cupcakes. Apparently they just opened a coffee shop within the restaurant not too long ago, and she sells giant, delicious cupcakes. She only had 4 different kinds, but I had the hardest time decided. I ended up going with the Root Beer Float cupcake. Yes, the giant mountain on the top is SOLID FROSTING. Not only that, but there was frosting in the middle as well. It's a bit embarrassing, but I demolished the entire thing.

Now those things are not meaning to say that I don't like it here, or can't like it here. I'm adjusting. It is quite the adjustment. I mean it just hasn't hit me yet that this is my home for who knows how long. On the bright side I love my apartment. I think it's only slightly smaller than my house. It's not super drafty. There aren't critters in the walls. Theres a gas fireplace that keeps this place nice and toasty (which really shouldn't be necessary at this point of the year, but that is a different story. My laundry room is right next to my bedroom. There's a dishwasher. We have TV (that may have to be a whole other first week with TV). We have a garage. Really, quite nice. And I've been making some progress as far as unpacking and getting things situated goes (note: some progress. I'm still trying to remind myself that this is where I'll be living).

SEE! Progress!!

I really should get back to unpacking, but I am pretty sure I'm going to call it quits for the day. To be fair, I brought up some fairly heavy boxes today (seriously, books make for heavy boxes. We have a lot of books). I promise I've been productive. I've sent out resumes and everything! Looking for a job AND unpacking is pretty exhausting, I must say. 

Well, I just wanted to write a little update. Hopefully I have some much more exciting things to say later on this week. I really do want to keep family and friends back home up to date on how I'm doing and all that is going on for us. Keep us in your prayers as we continue to adjust to living here.

Oh...I did save the best for last...

Apparently there has been a crazy spreading through. Apparently people here suffer from...OCD. Yes, Obsessive Cullen Disorder.
I promise that is what the bumper sticker says. I realize it's low quality, and I apologize. This is not the only bizarre things that I've seen on cars. Some of the custom license plates have made me shake my head, a lot. I just...I just HAD to share this one. 

And now....a song that I cannot stop listening to. Darn those guilty pleasures.

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