Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Yea...we won't call this a comeback just yet. We'll just call this being wide awake and such and see where it goes from there. Maybe I could make this a thing, but meh. We shall see.

So lately I've been feeling kind of nostalgic. I am 99% sure that this is because I am moving away from my hometown area and starting completely fresh. I have just three more shifts left at the job that I love and then I'm unemployed. And then I pack up all my belongings and move four hours away with my husband. I am so excited, don't get me wrong, but I'm also a little sad. It's sad to leave this job, and it's kind of sad to be leaving the area I am so familiar with. But I have never felt more strongly in my decision to do so. But that is not the point of my writing, the point is nostalgia. It all started with listening to some emo-ish sounding music that I listened to a lot in my high school days (thanks Bert McCracken). I later moved on to something else. Something else that got me through so many difficult Now that is not to say that I whipped out some fancy dance number in my house and felt better about everything. I just decided that whatever movie I watch it had to involve dancing. So I turned to Dirty Dancing.

I must apologize before I go further into this, I am sorry to all of my high school friends and any one else that may have heard me utter the phrase "I don't really like Dirty Dancing." I had this issue where it was hyped up wayyyyy too much. And I expected the world from it, but then was let down. But no worries, I love it now. Just for the dancing (but not for the like grinding stuff, no one needs that). Which made me start making a mental list of just SOME of my FAVORITE dance scenes in movies. So...that's what I'm going to do now. Some (of the MANY) excellent dance scenes in movies. These are in no particular order at all....

Clearly this number makes the cut. Even when I was all anti-Dirty Dancing I thought this particular scene was awesome. The dancing is fun, and obviously the lift is amazing. It just ends the movie on such a high note, and mmmmaaaaaannnnn, nice moves Swayze. Try to tell me this one is not awesome, I dare you. Next...

Another "NO DUH" comes from this final number in Center Stage. I just remembers LOVING those red pointe shoes and just dreaming of having my own. My lack of fellow students that wanted to do pointe in my dance classes kind of crushed that dream, a lot. But seriously, this routine is so awesome. It's not set to the typical classical music (which is one of those HUGE deals in this movie) and it is high energy. I love this movie (this was my other choice to watch tonight, but my husband said no). The acting is terrible, there's no way around that. But the dancing....OHHHHH the dancing. It's excellent. I also love that jazz dance in the studio. The whole for fun dance that she just picked up in an afternoon. It's fantastic. This movie is worth watching, if only for the dancing.

I know that there are people that cannot stand this movie, but I love it. Chicago was one of my favorites for a LONG time, and this particular scene is just awesome. There's so much going on and the dancing is so great, I could watch it over and over again. Seriously, just watching this scene again makes me want to watch the movie. I may be a bit partial to this particular movie because I remember one of my favorite dances from dance class was All That Jazz, but I always liked this one.

Oh man, this one is my favorite. I love this musical and try to watch it every Christmas. How is she so fantastic at dancing? And why does no one dance like this anymore? I just love it so much. I'm sure there are other numbers that show off her dancing even better. I know there are, but I just love this one so much. It's catchy, and she's just too good. I wish I was better at describing how I feel about this, but seriously I just sit and watch it and sing along as she dances. It's so good.

I think that 4 should be my limit for now. I know there are SOOOO many other good dance numbers from movies, and I love to watch them. They've definitely helped me out a bit tonight as I'm stressing about moving and thinking about how I'll miss being in this area. Any others to add? We could create a whole list of them. I'm going to end with this video. I think it's a nice list of SOME excellent dance movies, though I wish the narrator would shut up a bit. Definitely gave me a few more to add to my list.

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