Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwing Back to the Summers of My Childhood

I'm still that nerd that loves throwback Thursday. I realize it's kind of dying a little bit, but PSH! I don't care. I love doing this kind of thing, and being that it's STILL summer (though the last month of summer is staring us in the face and I've already seen not 1, not 2, but 3 facebook updates about people wanting fall, which I kinda feel like we're already in because it has not been that warm this summer..sorry...I'll stop ranting about that. I love fall, but I also love summer) I thought I would look back at some of those songs that I remember hearing as a child in the summer (that I neglected my laundry yesterday, so I thought while things are washing I could do this). Mostly, these songs came from the setting of the swimming pool, because that's basically what I spent my summer doing. Between pool afternoons and library trips, I was good to go.
(Some summertime pictures for ya.)

 These songs are from the late 90's/early 00's and every time I hear them I think of warmth, sunshine, swimming, and summertime. 

Ohhh Sugar Ray. I must say, you are my number one for summertime nostalgia. It was hard to pick just one song, but I need to limit myself. This song just SCREAMS summer. I want to be casually scoping out the pool, trying to see if my friends are there. Playing Marco Polo (which I HATED) or Colors (which I SUCKED at) while jamming to this fabulous song. It just makes me want to lay out and swim. Curse you laundry for keeping me inside today! I feel the need to head to the beach this weekend now. If this doesn't take you back to the summer, then something is wrong...I'm sorry.

Smash Mouth, another regular summer jam for me. As much as I love All Star, I feel like I heard this one more. And, I listened to All Star year round. This song seemed to be reserved for summer time for me. Another one that makes me want to lay out on a pool deck and just soak up summertime sun. Plus, how fun does this video look? I mean I kinda want to be a part of all the dancing on the beach in this one. It just makes me smile.

Here's another one guys. Seriously, summer time. Makes me smell the chlorine and think of hand stand contests (which I obviously was pro at). And now I know what I was missing while listening to this as a child, an adult beverage. I don't know what it is, but I want a cocktail of some sort while listening to this. Of course, as a child I was probably drinking a Pepsi from the pop machine during break and snacking on the crackers we brought from my house. Which makes me think of that time a bee went into my sister's pop and she freaked (she didn't get stung, and I guess I would freak too). Don't act like you aren't singing along to this song.

Ugh, seriously guys. This just makes me miss my childhood and the swimming pool a bit. It's actually the first summer EVER in my lifetime that I am not spending a little bit of time at the local pool in my hometown. It's kind of strange to think about, and songs like this make me miss those carefree days swimming with my friends. Unfortunately, those days were probably a little too carefree (I maybe put sunscreen on once or twice a summer), but oh well. Moving on.

I realize I'm going to get a little repetitive about things that I say, because they all kind of give me the same feelings of summer as a kid. SO from this point on I'll just put a few more videos up, and say something if I really feel the need.

Yep, good old Faith Hill. My pool time was spent between country music and the current pop/alternative hits. I'm guess it all depended on who got to the radio first for the day (heck, I know that's how it goes. I worked at that pool for years.).

And now I'll end my country section. I think you can figure out what other country songs make me think of summer and my childhood.

Annnnd then there's a few that are just obvious.

AAAAAANNNNNDDD I'm done. I realize that there are so many songs I could put on here. What are some key ones I missed? Though, If I have Sugar Ray and Smash I really need anything else? 

I'm thinking it's time for a return trip to the beach

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