Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Thankful for My Retail Job

SO I have been struggling almost the entire summer to find a job. I had applied for everything I could think of. Temp jobs, reception jobs, other office jobs, retail jobs, and school jobs. Many I qualified for, many I came close to qualifying for. Sadly, I was rejected from almost every single one. I think I maybe had the opportunity to interview for only 2-3 jobs, out of the many I applied for (which is kind of ridiculous, but oh well). Luckily I did get a retail job at a shoe store, which is giving me the chance to rethink my life choices and to look at that resume and see what I can do to better it. I'm not making a ton of money, but I'm making more money than I was when I was unemployed, so that's something. Lately it's been a little discouraging, which will probably momentarily make me sound like a terrible person but please just hang with me. I'm 25 with a degree that SHOULD be pretty marketable even if I chose to not pursue the exact job the degree states, but here I am making an hourly wage at a retail store. When moving away from my hometown I left a job that I loved, and that I had wanted to stay with and do more with for as long as possible. You have no idea how hard that is to bounce back from. I'm also watching all my friends get adult jobs (which I am so happy for you guys, seriously. So happy), but I'm here at a retail store. It's hard to deal with, which sounds stupid and is not the point of me writing this. I'm writing this to show that I'm thankful. I am thankful for my retail job, and here's why:

  • I have a job. There are so many people who are still looking for a job. I am so thankful that I found one, no matter what it is.
  • I am learning new things. I am really working on my customer service and helping others. I'm also learning a lot more about shoes, which is interesting. I am learning more about the workings of the store and different things about the company.
  • I am getting pushed out of my comfort zone. Did you read that part about customer service? Yea, that is definitely pushing me out of that comfort zone. Approaching people and asking them about what they're looking for. Giving them comments on what they are wearing, convincing them to buy other things. Convincing people to sign up for our rewards program (which is kind of ridiculous that some people are SO against it.) and answering the phone for a BIG store. It's not all my thing. I'm trying though.
  • I am meeting people, even if this isn't how I had anticipated. Like I said, customer service. I have had to talk to customers, which is sometimes fun and sometimes not (seriously, people get so stinking crabby. I mean I know I like to shop mostly undisturbed, but I am also not super crabby). I may not be making friends, but I am getting out there and talking to people. I'm also getting to know my co-workers, which has been pretty fun as well, even if we only end up as work acquaintances. 
  • It's a really happy and mostly positive place to work. Even at the interview I walked out super happy. My managers are the nicest people and work really hard to make sure that I am doing my best. Even when they're correcting me I don't feel guilty. It honestly all feels like a positive learning experience. Everyone that works there is pretty chipper (though not in a nauseating way) and positive. Even on their worst days things seem ok. I really like that.
  • I'm not sitting in my apartment day in and day out. Seriously, you have no idea how bad it got. I would try to schedule my time so I was job hunting for a few hours each day. I tried to make sure I at least applied for 3 jobs a day. I tried so hard to make it so I didn't hate my life each day, but that was hard. I ended up sitting alone so much. Even though hours have been a little hit and miss lately with me training, them not being in their busy season, and college girls finishing up before moving back to school it has been nice to know that I will get there at least once a week. We've come to the point where I am getting more hours, and today is my only day off for the week (which is kind of exciting).
  • It's giving me time to really think about what's next for me. I feel a little better about making money while looking around. I think there is something out there for me, I know there is. This job is perfect for right now. It's maybe a mile from my place (though walking would be a little tricky still with major roadways in the way) so gas is hardly an issue. I feel like I can refocus on what it is that is next for me, and what God has for me next. I can ramp up that resume so that everyone wants to hire me and I can apply for the jobs that are right for me, and not just any old job that is hiring.
  • It's helping us turn our financial mess around. I'm making money! Which is huge for us. We were able to make it by on what Jake has been making, but it's been so hard. This is the first week that we have a little bit left over before the next paycheck. We were able to buy groceries, and those groceries weren't just cheap hot dogs and mac and cheese. There was real food in my cart. It's helping us to see a way to make things improve and to move forward.
  • I do love shoes. It's kind of hard to not want to buy lots of shoes. But being that I do really like shoes it's a lot easier for me to talk to customers about what they may be looking for.
  • As far as retail jobs, this is pretty awesome. We don't have clothes that we need to re-fold, no dressing rooms to clean up. We close at a decent time and don't open at ridiculous times of the day for special shopping days (like black friday). I mean straightening shoes, restocking shoes, and talking about's pretty nice.
  • I have a job. Did I mention this already? Because it is so important. I have a job. So many people still don't. I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this one.
I really feel like, for the moment, this is where I'm supposed to be. I may be discouraged from time to time, but I need to remember all the good things that come from this job. Help me to stay accountable please. And please continue to pray for me. Just because I have a job does not mean things are automatically perfect here. I'm still trying to find a place that I fit in here so that I can meet people (not at work) and make connections. I'd love to join a book club and/or zumba somewhere or something like that. I feel like just having a job is a huge step for me, but there's still more to come. I'm not completely giving up on my job hunt, but it definitely has a little less stress attached to it. I am so thankful for that. Please keep me in your prayers, but know that no matter what...I am truly thankful for what I have.

Ok, enough with the word vomit. Moving on with my day. I just really felt the need to write that. And I think I was right to do so, because I feel pretty good about life right now (which I was not feeling last night and when I woke up this morning). Until next time!

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