Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In Order to Make that Shopping Experience More Pleasant....

I think every single day I think "I could write a book on shopping etiquette from the Sales Associate's view point TO the customer." I haven't exactly been working retail that long (I know there are people who have been working retail for years. More power to you! I am not sure how long I will last) but MAN have I seen some terrible behavior from people. I realize that there are sometimes terrible retail workers. I've dealt with them, I have worked with them, I know they exist. I also know that there are some super rude customers. The way I see it is that there is no excuse to be rude. You probably won't see these people that often in your lifetime, so why not fake it? Here are some rules I would like to enforce, if I could, while working retail....

1. PUT THE PHONE DOWN! If you are finding a coupon that's one thing, but then let the associate that is helping you know so that they don't feel like you are just trying to show you are above them. Texting, snapchatting, and talking on the phone at the register is rude. You are there for maybe 5 minutes. Calm down. I realize I may not be the most interesting person in the world, but it's a couple minutes of your life. I'm being polite, please just wait for a few minutes to answer that text.

2. If I talk to you about the rewards program at least be nice when you turn me down. There's a polite and impolite way to say "No thank you." Please, leave the attitude at the door. You know that most associates are required to ask you, and you know that it is not always their choice to even say anything. Just be polite and remember they are not trying to force you. Also, know that the associates are not trying to track you and keep your information. At least I know we aren't where I work. And don't use the cop out excuses. Just say no thank you, and say it nicely please. Typically I am very pleasant and then I get what I call a bitch wave and rude no's and then I just try to finish the transaction as fast as I can because I really can't handle it anymore.

3. If you wait until the last minute to shop for something that you NEED that night you kind of forfeit the right to be picky and rude. I have had to deal with lots of homecoming shopping lately, and there have been many that come on Saturday morning to get their shoes for Saturday night. I will do all that I can to find you a shoe you like, but I can't just pull a magically perfect shoe out of thin air. Sadly what is there is what is there. I understand you might be frustrated because you had an idea and now you have to come up with a new one, but don't take it out on me please. I will do all I can to make your experience as pleasant as possible, but that means you have to want a pleasant experience.

You know, those seem to be my top 3 complaints. It kind of amazes me how rude some people can be. And if you are going through something so horrible in your life that makes you feel like you have to be that rude then I do apologize. With that being said, I do not hate my job. I think I dislike retail, but I like the store I work for and the company. And I know people like that will exist in any type of retail store. I have helped some amazingly interesting people in the store, and I have helped them find things they needed and given them the most pleasant experience. Some of them have touched my heart so much and I am so grateful for them. I work with some great managers that have been super helpful as I've been dealing with some tough stuff and I like a majority of my co-workers. Now...if only some of my co-workers would be kind enough to cover a Saturday for me so I could get back to MN just a little earlier.

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