Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

Oh hi there! This is going to be short(ish) and sweet(ish), but I am in need of a little help. There is a bit of a backstory, but I promise it'll be quick, and then maybe some help from some of my friends (or just suggestions from anyone is cool, but I would like to assume if you spend time reading whatever it is I happen to write then we're friends, if not at least internet friends).

If you know me personally, if you've read anything from this blog lately, or if you are my friend somewhere else on the internet...then you know I've been dealing with some stuff. A lot of it seems to be bigger than me, and it probably is (good thing I know I'm not alone in al of this), but I'm just needing some help. I have been having just THE WORST time adjusting to life here. It's crazy how you can move away from the familiarity of your hometown and find everything is just COMPLETELY turned around (even if you are just hopping the border into the state next door). I have felt pretty alone (minus Jake, he's been pretty awesome) and have kind of given up when I really know that I shouldn't. My job hunt lead me to retail, which is now proving to be some of the most difficult work I have done (seriously, you get a staff filled with 15 are bound to have drama) and I have been failing at finding anything else (I found a couple library jobs I REALLY wanted and got rejected, again). So, after working yesterday and hearing about personal drama from one of my co-workers and seeing how she feels coming to work I have decided my attitude really does need to change. It was kind of the wake up call I needed. But I need some help. So here is where you, my friends, come in.

I just need people to hold me accountable. Seriously, make sure that even if I do start to complain it's just me getting something off my chest (because that seriously helps a lot) and it's not me being negative and crabby. Also, I need to find things in my life that cheer me up, because I've really just been in a weird place. Soooo I could use some book recommendations. Here's my Goodreads page in case you kinda want to see what I'm into. I love what I have been reading, but I need something a little more uplifting and happy. Also, if there's literally anything else you can think of to help me turn this around. My goal is to be a light in this workplace. It will not be easy, at all. It's a strange work environment and I definitely do not feel valued there (and I'm pretty sure no one else does) but I want to make some sort of difference. I know there's a reason I'm where I am. 

So to sum it up I just need your help to:

1. Keep me accountable. And a little encouragement please. This will not be easy for me.

2. Help me find other things that will keep me in a good mood. Something happy or uplifting would be awesome. 

And now, if you've read this though...thank you. It does mean a lot. And to all of those that have been praying for me, it means the world. So much has been going on, and there is a lot that needs to be done before things are fixed. I hope to find some fun things to put on here eventually. I get too moody when I blog, and I apologize. I promise day I'll write something fun. But until then, goodnight!

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