Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for this week's Top Ten Tuesday! 

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about those books that have those settings that we just would LOVE to travel to. So...here we go!


Obviously, if you know me you know this would be my first choice. And YES...I know this place doesn't REALLY exist, but thanks to a few amusement parks I can still pretend. I just think the world of Hogwarts was so interesting, and I would love to be a part of it. I would want to try to weave through the moving staircases. I would love to dine in the great hall and to go to Hogsmeade with all of my peers. It would be awesome.


I'm not talking the red light district. I am not at all ever wanting to visit that. But the part of Amsterdam that Hazel and Gus visited. I want to walk along the canals and just take in the parks. I would probably visit the Anne Frank museum, because I think while you are there you should. I just want to see the history and sights of this place (just not the red light district. That scares me).


I tend to really like the world of Robin Hood, and reading the Scarlet series definitely made me love it more. Scarlet is based on that story, but with a few different twists that I loved. In general, visiting England would be awesome. But going to this particular area would be awesome.


I have been thrown into this fictional land of Erilea lately and, if it did exist, I would love to go there. I just think the land sounds so interesting and the people so interesting and unique. I just think it would be awesome. And if I happened to run into the characters in this book oh well, added bonus. 

5. WONDERNATION (or...Wonderland I guess)

I LOVED The Looking Glass Wars, and it is a version of Wonderland I would love to see. To live in a world where imagination is such a huge deal...AH, that would be awesome. Yes, I again realize that this is not a real place. But it seems I read a lot of fantasy and really fall in love with a lot of the worlds the authors created. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend that you do!


So I realize that not the entire book is set in Scotland, but there are parts that are. And honestly, I think Scotland just sounds awesome. I would obviously go for modern day Scotland, and not attempt to get there during WWII, but still. How awesome.


I am a sucker for Fairy Tale retellings, and Ella Enchanted is one of my FAVORITE books. I read it soooo many times as a kid, and I could easily read it again and again. I love the medevial fairy tale world that was created in this book, and I would love to be put in the world. But since that is not really something that exists I think visiting a castle would be the best solution.


Again, this doesn't exist. I just loved the camp feel in the book (NOT THE MOVIE! NEVER THE MOVIE!). I think it was a great environment for kids who don't quite fit in elsewhere. I just want to go there and observe all the things that go on during the day. Seriously, I read a lot of fantasy...


Ok, so I have been to Seattle already, but it was a pretty short trip. I think there is MORE to explore in Seattle and in that particular area of Washington. I would love to go back and really explore and not feel so rushed. I would love to explore other parts of Washington and the mountains. AH! Seriously, I would love to go back. Sadly, Bernadette doesn't love Seattle so much...but I do!


I would love to visit someplace like Austenland, because that would be awesome. But I would definitely settle for touring England and London. I would love to go over there. The buildings are gorgeous. A lot of the books I read are set there, and I would LOVE to be able to visit it.

Yeaaaa, I think I'm going to get just start packing my bags now. Who needs Wisconsin right?

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