Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top Ten Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2015

Look! It's Tuesday again! Maybe one day I'll think of something else to write besides these Top Ten Tuesdays, but until then I will continue to participate and create these fun lists. Thanks The Broke and The Bookish for making something fun I love to participate in! This week I'm listing the top ten books I am looking forward to that come out next year! Can't believe we are already in December and can look forward to next year. Now, I'm not going to lie, after my first 4 I had no idea what else to write. But after some much needed research and reminders of what I have heard other people talk about I was able to think of 10. I'm sure I could find more, but I think this list is perfect! So, in almost no particular order (because my first two listed are ones I really am dying to have soon):

OH MY GOSH! I need this one! So badly. The last book, Lady Thief, left me needing more (which is awesome that an author can do that). I need to know what will happen with my favorite characters, because right now things are looking kind of scary. This isn't released until May 19th (which means you have TONS of time to catch up.

No cover for this one yet, but that does not mean I need it any less. So much happened in Heir of Fire, and there is still so much that can happen. I am looking forward to getting to know certain characters more and I am really dying to know what is happening with everyone (because some were in some sticky situations at the end of book 3).  I have to wait until September 10th(ish). A wait that may kill me.

I think the premise of this one sounds really awesome. I read the first three in the series and while I was reading the third one I heard Cass was publishing a 4th. That kind of confused me but after reading the summary I was intrigued. I would love to see what the Selection is like from the viewpoint of someone who is doing the selecting, and to have it be a female looking for a husband, even more interesting. This one comes out on May 5th.

I must admit, I have loved most of the books I've read by Gayle Forman. I LOVED If I Stay and Where she went (which you should read if you have not already) but was only ok with Just One Day and Just One Year. However, I know she is more than capable of creating a story that I love, and the summary of this books just got me. She writes fantastic books filled with emotions that just really get to me as a reader, and I kind of love that. January 27th isn't too far off right?

I keep hearing more and more about this book, and I keep seeing other blogs that I follow talk it up (mostly lots of anticipation) and I think I really may need this one. The main character just sounds like a badass, and the world needs more badass female characters. I have been on such a fantasy kick lately and this just fits the bill. One of the reviewers compared it to Game of Thrones, which makes me super nervous (just don't compare books to things that are super popular. People end up disappointed) but I am pumped to give this a try. Just gotta wait until March 10th.

It's been such a long time since I've had a good steampunk-y read, and this sounds pretty solid so far. The summary isn't large, but it does say it's the Night Circus meets Pixar (The Night Circus was a fantastic book that you should really read if you haven't, and if you haven't seen a Pixar movie then you are probably dead inside. A little harsh but true). I know I just complained about comparisons like that, but I also have to believe that these comparisons are valid. Story is set in an alternate London, which sounds even more awesome. Can't wait to learn more about it. Another May 19th release!

This book just sounds interesting. Super intriguing and even a little creepy. I just want to read the book right after reading that description. I have to know what happened Roza and how Finn is handling things and what is really with the people of Bone Gap. Definitely looking forward to reading this one. Come on March 3rd!

Fairy tale retellings with more of a mystery vibe? Count me in! I am such a sucker for fairy tale retellings (should we talk about how many times I read Gail Carson Levine books? It was more than I can count). This one is about The Princess & The Pea and her family (who controls black market organ transplants). I definitely can't wait to get my hands on this one. That makes 3 books that come out on May 19th now. 

This book deals with someone who has a hard time distinguish reality from what he makes up in her head. It's just about a young woman's battle with schizophrenia as she is trying to finish up high school and get into college. It sounds really interesting and it is recommended to those that like Silver Linings Playbook (yea...there I go again being "ok" with the comparison. But I loved Silver Linings Playbook, and I would love to read a book that I feel is at that level. A book that can make me laugh out loud at some of the crazy things that happen but at the same time feel for the main character.). Once again, this one comes out on May 19th. Seriously, I'll have a lot of reading to do around then.

I love Elizabeth Wein. Code Name Verity was a book I read in a day and I beg people to read because it's just fantastic. I was feeling pretty so so on her second book but may have to give it a try again. However, I am really intrigued by anything else she writes. It just has so much going on, set in the 1930s with a white woman raising an adoptive black child (seriously, that would be so hard at that time) and then war outbreak when they travel to Ethiopia. I just really need to read this book. It sounds so incredibly interesting. March 31st.

A pretty solid list if I may say so myself. Anything I should add or remove from this list? Anything I haven't really looked into that I should? I always love new suggestions.

And, being that it is December, I will end with a Christmas song :) 

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  1. The Heir made my TTT list this week too! I'm excited to see how well Maxon rules in the future. Made You Up, The Orphan Queen, and Lion Heart are on my TBR spreadsheet as well. 2015 has so many great releases to offer, I'm anxious! Anyways, great choices, and I hope you like your picks:)

    Claire @ Bookworm Reviews