Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top Ten Books I Would LIKE to Read This Winter

Yes, this week's Top Ten Tuesday (Thanks to The Broke and The Bookish) is about the books I would LIKE to read this winter. Which was a very difficult list to make seeing as I read 2 of the 10 I had intended to read this fall. So these are just books I hope to read, but we shall see if I do or do not. Who knows, I could maybe even tackle more than what I put on here, or change it around. We shall see. I tried to organize it by what I own with a couple that I do not own, because I have SO many books. So, starting with the books that I currently have physical copies of...

1. I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith)- It's been on my list for awhile, and now that I finally got a copy at HPB I am thinking this winter it will definitely be something I crack open. I hear a lot of good things about it and am really wanting to be able to know for myself.

2. Scarlet (Marissa Meyer)- I read the first book in this series and loved it. Bought the 2nd book and clearly had anxiety about continuing the series. I really am not always the best at finishing books in a series. I figure I should jump back into this world. I hear nothing but excellent things about this book, and the book that follows it. And if I loved Cinder so much then why have I been waiting so long?

3. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)- I started this book a while back, and then there was a lot of stuff going on in my life that was just a lot to deal with, so I decided to put this book down for something a little more lighthearted. I was really liking his book too, but it just wasn't working at that point in my life. This winter, however, I think is a perfect time to sit in front of my fireplace with this one. And yes, I do have the illustrated one.

4. The Queen of the Tearling (Erika Johansen)- Yeaaaaaa I've really been wanting to read this book. I checked it out at the library once, but ran out of time and couldn't renew it. And of course, when I went back to check it out....it was gone. Lucky for me, it was $1.99 for my nook one day, and I most definitely jumped on that one. Does this not sound exactly like my type of fantasy novel?

5. Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)- This story has intrigued me, and when I worked at a library I checked it out a few times, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my pile and then requested so I had to bring it back. With the movie coming out in December it seems like the perfect time to finally read this one. I hear nothing but wonderful things about this book and it has been constantly recommended to me.

6. Lord of the Flies (William Golding)- Yes...I have never read Lord of the Flies. Keep shaking your head at me all you want. Roll your eyes, I don't care. I guess I never had to read it in high school. I'm definitely tired of getting shamed when it is discovered that I have not read this yet. I hear lots of different things, but I am going to read it so that I can FINALLY cross it off my list, and so I can stop getting all these ridiculous reactions from people.

7. The Flight of Gemma Hardy (Margot Livesey)- This one has been on my radar for awhile as well, though I just remembered to add it to my goodreads list. It sounds like a super interesting and intriguing story set in Ireland and Scotland. Though, it does say it is a wee bit like Jane Eyre, so I may want to try to finish that on first.

And now for the books that I do not have a physical copy of at the moment...

8. Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel)- Since learning of this book in the last couple of months I have been dying to get my hands on it. It's been awhile since I've had a dystopian read, and a lot of the book blogs that I follow really seem to LOVE this one (and it seems we have similar tastes). Sadly, I have been able to get a copy of this one and with the holidays fast approaching I am making sure to not buy for myself (HINT HINT FAMILY! I WANT THIS BOOK!) so I will just have to wait. I mean, I have plenty to read so it's not like its URGENT, but I do want it.

Snow Like Ashes (Sara Raasch)- Another book I have been wanting to have in my hands since learning about it. In fact, I almost bought it a couple weeks ago but decided against it. It's just another one of those fantasy novels that sounds just like something I would love to read. I've tried to track it down at the library, but have failed. So I'll wait and read what I have (HINT HINT AGAIN FAMILY!).  I figure I'll have my hands on this book eventually.

10. The Magicians (Lev Grossman)- I have read that this book is being called the adult version of Harry Potter (but, let's be honest....who cares if Harry Potter is for adults or children. Harry Potter is awesome at any age!). This had me, though it also had me nervous. Upon reading the description I could see it and definitely want to give it a try. Let's hope it lives up to my expectations.

Of course, anything that I had said I wanted to read this fall is fair game as well. There are a lot of other books I could have added to this list, but didn't. I kind of just went on a gut feeling (after looking at what I did have a copy of). Anything else I should add? Anything I should just ignore from this list?

Thank goodness winter reading doesn't technically start yet! The Young Elites is just sitting here begging me to read it!


  1. Nice picks, Emily! Scarlet made my list this week as well; I absolutely loved Cinder and I can't wait to read the sequel. I have yet to read Jane Eyre, Snow Like Ashes, and Lord of the Flies. They didn't make my TTT this time around, but those books are near the top of my TBR. Well, enjoy your reads and have happy holidays!:)

    Claire @ Bookworm Reviews

    1. I honestly don't know why I haven't read Scarlet yet. It's absurd. Thank you! You have a happy holidays as well!

  2. I Capture The Castle is my ultimate favourite book of all time, I've read it so many times I've lost count, and I still discover something new each time.
    Great list :)
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess