Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Characters I Want to Have Their Own Novel

This week's Top Ten Tuesday (thanks to The Broke and The Bookish) is about those secondary characters that I would love to learn more about. In ALMOST no particular order...

Seriously, how awesome would that be? I want to know more about Snape, more about why he is the way he is. More about his LOVE for Lily and his real, true feelings for Harry. I have so many questions, I want to know why he cares so much but shows so little. I want to know Snape more. UGH. PLEASE!

Seriously. I want this. Neville is a character that grew soooooo much throughout the Harry Potter books. And that is something we only see through the eyes of Harry Potter. I'd love to follow Neville through Hogwarts. I'd love to see what it was that changed in him and how he became so brave and strong and confident. I'd also love to see what he thinks of Harry throughout the years. To read through the point of someone who sees what Harry does but does not always participate could be interesting. Would it be 7 books? No.

SIDE NOTE: JK Rowling...if you're reading things (because I'm sure you are) I, and many others I'm sure, would like more about Voldemort's first rise to power. Seriously. How cool would that be? 

Ok, so those are the top two. Like above all else, I would want another book from their perspective. But here are some other ones I would really enjoy (in no particular order).

3. The Rebels (from The Selection series)
I just kind of want to get in their heads. I want to see how they view the system of how things work in Illea and if there are any things they do like about it. I want to get to know some of the faces behind the rebellion, because they can't all be crazy.

4. Princess Nehemia (from the Throne of Glass series)
She's a character I did not fully understand. Like she became such great friends with Calaena but seemed to always be keeping so much of her life hidden. I want to know about her life. I want to know about what is going on in her land and what in the world she was trying to accomplish. I liked her a lot, and I just want to learn more about her.

5. Aedion (from Heir of Fire, the 3rd Throne of Glass book)
He's a new character that's introduced in this book. As much as I grew to love him I was kind of confused by him at first. I understood how he fit in with the story, but I didn't get the character himself. I kind of wanted to know just what he'd been doing since the fall of the kingdom he was a part of. I think he would be even better if I had the time to really get to know him more through another book.

6. Rowan (from Heir of Fire, again...)
Ok, he's another new character that's introduced in this book. And he definitely told Calaena about his past, but I kind of want to learn more. I almost want a book that shows me just how painful things were before we meet him so I can fully understand just why he was in the position he was in for so long. I also really am a sucker for books where it ends in tragedy and the character works hard to rise above it. I dunno, I think Rowan would have such an interesting story. Maybe a little messed up, but I'd be ok with that. 

7. Metias (from the Legend series)
I just want to get to know Metias better. There seems to be so much to him, so much more than I saw. I think it would be awesome to see him grow and become who I saw in this series. Find out how he discovered things, all of that. I just want to be able to like him more, if that's the right way to say it. I just kind of found him to not be very real, and maybe a book about him would help.

8. Reagan (from Fangirl)
I know right, not a series. Shocker! And honestly, the first book that is not a fantasy/dystopian type book. And the only one. I really liked Reagan. She seemed like a great person and I would kind of love to know more about her and not just the person I see through Cath's eyes. I'd love to see what it was like when she started college, if she was at all like Cath or if she was always like how we see her (confident in herself, social, etc.).

9. Po (from the Graceling series)
I just want to see more about his life pre-Katsa, or even while he meets and gets to know Katsa. It gets so centered on her and her fear of commitment (and I loved this book, don't think I didn't). I just want to see what he thinks about things, and where he fits in besides with Katsa.

10. Uriah (from the Divergent series)
I just really want to see what it was like for someone who grew up Dauntless. Obviously this book series centers around Tris and her Abnegation background and Dauntless choice. I want to get to know what it is like to grow up and then choose Dauntless. I am just so curious. I could even be ok with looking into each faction just to see what it was like for a child to grow up in those environments. They all had so many viewpoints on what was going on in their society, and it would be so interesting to see what goes on.

It's so funny that the majority of these are from series, and those series are all in similar genres. But there are so many characters I meet and see through the eyes of the main character. How cool would it be to see the main character through the eyes of a secondary character?

And now I must get back to sorting through my dad's albums. It's crazy what awesomeness I've been finding since visiting home before picking Jake up. Kind of excited to take a little piece of my dad back to Wisconsin with me. And in honor of him we will end with someone that he loved, well one of the many many many musical acts he loved.

(yeaaaaa he really liked Kansas)

Sorted through all my dad's cassette tapes last night, tonight it's all his vinyl. Not all cassette tapes are shown.

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