Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top Ten Books I am DYING to Reread

Another Top Ten Tuesday that I am SO excited to participate in (thank you The Broke and the Bookish). This week's top ten is about rereading. I am one that LOVES to reread, but I seem to hardly ever have the time to do so. And I have really been thinking about it lately and think that rereading may help me out of this slump I seem to be experiencing(though I am really starting to get into Heir of Fire now, thankfully. It's not that didn't love it, it's just I lack motivation.). So here are the top ten books I'd like to reread, in no particular order.

1. HARRY POTTER- Is that even a question? I adored this series so much, and I would love to dive into it again. I have reread the first one and the third one for school, and there were so many things that I did not remember and many things that reminded me of why I loved this series so much. I would love to be able to read them again, and I'm sure I would fly through them. I have definitely made fun of my friend for rereading them, but to be fair she has reread them a million times! And it's friendly making fun, not mean. But here you go Arika...I would love to reread Harry Potter. And then have a movie marathon! Plus, who wouldn't want to love and hate Snape all over again?

2. To Kill A Mockingbird- It has been SO long since I've read this one. I remember loving it when I did read it, but that was a very long time ago. Recently, the library that I worked at back home did a program with this, and of course that started right when I was moving, so I missed out on it and wish I hadn't. I just can't remember a lot from this book minus feeling in love with it, and I would love to reread it and rediscover just what it is I loved about it.

3. Graceling- I flew through this one the first time I read it. I loved the world that Cashore created, and I loved the characters and everything. I have the next book in the series, but before I dive into it I think I would really love to be able to reread this one. I want to remind myself of the world, remind myself of the characters and what they all have had to deal with. I think without a reread I won't be able to dive into the next one. So it seems like this one may have to happen. I want to remind myself how awesome Katsa is (because I know she's awesome, but I just can't remember HOW awesome).

4. Ella Enchanted- I devoured this book over and over again as a kid. I loved it so much. And it is SO different from that ridiculous movie (seriously, if you've only seen the movie and have never read the book you are missing out, so much). It's been years since I've read this one and I would love to be able to read it again. I'm sure it would be one of those that I would read real quick, maybe even in an afternoon.

5. The Looking Glass Wars- I loved this series. Read it when I was in college. Helped me get away from the stress of homework and reading textbooks. It was the best escape from reality. I loved this retelling of Alice in Wonderland. There were a lot of interesting twists and turns and it became a very interesting viewpoint on the world that Lewis Carroll created. If you haven't read this series I definitely think you should. I just put the audiobook of the first one on my phone so that on my long drive back home to get Jake I have something awesome to listen to. I am very excited to listen to it.

6. The Hobbit- With the last movie coming out I am definitely starting to feel the need to reread this. It has been awhile since I've read this too, but I know that I loved this one a lot. I know that the movie is an ADAPTATION of the book (plus some other writings) and not necessarily the book exactly, but there are many things in the book that I have just forgotten about that I feel the need to remember. Plus, it is completely ok to love the adaptation of the book and the book. A movie adaptation would not be any fun if it was exactly like the book. There are so many things in a book that are best left up to your own imagination, and when it is presented in front of you it isn't as amazing as you remember it being in the book. Sorry, my own little rant... I want to reread this one though.

7. Code Name Verity- This book took me one day to read. I loved it so much I was willing to sit all day long and read it. I loved this story so much, and the characters. The author moved me with this book. I felt so many different emotions while reading it, tears were shed. I just love when an author can do that to me as a reader. When they have the ability to get me so wrapped up in their story that I feel the emotions that the characters feel and when I feel that what happens to them happens to me. Ah! I love it. Definitely need to try to reread this one.

8. Cinder- I am really needing to read the second book in this series, but I think before doing that I need to reread the first one. I loved this book so much, I wasn't sure at first, it seemed like the plot was a bit cheesy, but I really loved it. I loved how this fairy tale could be told with a more dystopian/steampunk-y sort of world. I remember having a hard time adjusting to the world that this author created, and there are a lot of things that happened that I do not remember. I think it would be awesome if I were able to reread this one, plus it would help me so much when I start to read the next book, because I plan to read the next book.

9. The Secret Garden- Man, talk about a book that I haven't read in a very long time. I was very into this book as a kid. I read it a couple times and I loved it. But it's been so long since I've read it that I don't remember a lot about it. I would love to remember just what it was I loved about this book. I think this is definitely something I would love to reread.

10. Little Women- This is another book that I read when I was younger, but I can't remember a lot about it. I just remember that I loved it, so much. I want to remember just why I adored this book. I think rereading it now, at this point in my life, I would pick up on so much more of the story, and I hope that means that I would like it as much, if not more, than I did when I was younger.

I am really hoping that in the next year I can get some rereading in. I want to remember just why I fell in love with some of these books. I have this terrible habit of remember general feelings I have for the book that I'm reading. I can remember if a character was pretty awesome or not. I can remember what kind of emotions I have while reading the book, but when it comes to details I tend to forget them. I think that making it my goal to reread some, if not all, of these books would be really great for me especially if I get into a slump like I have been lately. I think it's important to reread those books that helped me fall in love with reading. Cannot wait to try to dive in to some of these. Though I definitely have some other books I need to finish first.

And now a song to send you off. Happy November!

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