Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now, it is time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back

Ok, before I say anything about this book I should probably say that I am a sucker for Dystopian novels. I am not sure what it is about them, if it's the "other world" feel or what but it interests me a lot.

 This novel, to me, was brilliant. I love Lois Lowry, first off. I think she has a way with words and a way of describing things in a simple, easy to understand, way. If it was hard to figure out at first, it was described in such a way that you could begin to picture it. I am a fan of hers, and she did an excellent job with this novel.

 This world that she created was so beautiful yet so haunting. To live in a world with all the "Sameness" would be a terrible thing, yet as I read I wanted to learn more. Of course, the only way you know more about the "Sameness" is by reading about Jonas' training from The Giver. He knows the memories, the colors, and what once was and doesn't understand how this "Sameness" can exist. As a reader you don't really seem to realize just how important the differences in everything in the world are until you see it through Jonas' eyes.

 This book made me thankful for all the beauty that we see and experience each day. It made me thankful that I can see all the beautiful colors of the world and that each and every single person is different. We may look similar to someone, but really there is always something a little different about it. In this world that Lowry created, every thing is the same. Everything is colorless and gray. There are no emotions (as much as I hate how overemotional I can get I cannot imagine a world without emotions). This world was so convincing I actually dreamt about it. That is how I know I enjoyed the book. I know that because it gets so in my head that it seems to occupy my thoughts.

Very enjoyable book. If you haven't read this book I highly suggest it.

 Now, things not about the book. What should I read next? I'm thinking either Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay or Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand. I'm having issues choosing between the huge stack of books my mother-in-law gave me and the new books that I have just bought. We shall see what I tackle next.

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