Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012...The Day my Middle School Self Died

Today, we talk about the reason for me being so sad. It definitely has nothing to do with my grandfather who is a bit mentally unstable and driving me crazy. It is definitely all about Justin Timberlake, and his marriage. 

As a young girl, I was definitely convinced that we would marry. I know, I know, I had dreams that were too high. But what can I say? My middle school self was convinced (and my elementary school self, and possibly high school self...) that one day we would be together. When I started dating my now husband I think I realized the fact that this would be impossible, but there's always been a small part that thinks you're pretty special Justin. Heck, I even liked you when your hair looked like this:

And even more ridiculous, I liked you when your hair looked like this:

Can I say that this was your best look? No. And looking back at it now I really hope that a part of you regrets it. But I still liked you nonetheless, and my middle school self is so sad today because you are no longer available. I hope your marriage was worth it, worth the heartbreak of my younger self. The rest of this is just going to be some music videos that will help my middle school self move one. A look back at what I once apparently loved. Happy wedding day, Justin Timberlake =[

ahhh yes, 1998. when I first laid eyes on you...

The dance that I tried to learn, and probably never will..

I feel like this one needs no explaining.

Ok, ok. I'll find something to cheer my middle school self up...

And now we're done. 

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