Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cheesy Pop Music, My Musical Obsession Since Childhood

Yes, I have been internet-less for almost a week. Today is the first day that I have been connected to the world wide web and I never realized how weird it was to not have it. So while unpacking and getting things situated in my new house I have been listening to a lot of music, which brought me back. Back to the days of good old B-Spears, BSB, NSYNC, Xtina, etc. And since I had a great time while going down memory lane I thought I would share a little. So, here's the music of my childhood (in no particular order):

I loved this video. I literally thought it was the coolest thing, ever! And, I knew the dance. Anyone remember Darin's Dance Grooves? Yea, I worked it. And I learned this one. Can I do it now, nope. I am sure it was a valuable life skill at that time and I am thinking of taking some time to relearn the dance. But yes, old school Britney was the best. This song was just one of my many faves. 

Oh, here. In case you want to learn the dance:

NSYNC was my boy band of choice. I still love Justin (just not so much Jessica Biel) and this was my absolute favorite song. Why not have their shirts blowing in the absolutely necessary breeze? Seriously, in love. I am having flashbacks of this all right now. My dad, he was not the biggest fan. I remember my sister had to ask for permission to buy me one of their cds for Christmas. Lucky me he said yes, and then they said "damn" in one of their songs. I kept that one a secret for awhile. Ha, ohhh NSYNC. Come back please.

Ah yes, classic Xtina. Not the super raunchy stuff that she has now. Well, I suppose this could be taken fairly dirty, but it's not like some of her songs now. Ok, I guess my dad didn't like when I was singing it. Oops. But I thought she was the coolest. In all honesty she is pretty talented, but when she opens her mouth to talk about anything my head hurts. And she seems to show off too much of her body (obviously someone rubbed her the right way). I loved this though. Still do.

BSB was my number 2 boy band. I didn't like them AS much as NSYNC, but I did think they were pretty awesome. I mean you have to be awesome if you sing a song about being back. This video legitimately creeped me out too (wow, I was super lame wasn't I?) but I watched it like every single time it was on The Disney Channel. Oh man. My favorite.

I'm almost done I promise. But, admit it, you love this.

Oh man, I still love this song. I hear it on KROC every so often. I thought this video was the coolest concept known to man. Like, oh my goodness, they switch rooms until the all red room isn't all red and the blue room isn't all blue. I always was super pumped when this came on. I also thought that their clothes were pretty sweet too. I mean I obviously was not one to show of my stomach but I was like dang, they have cool skirts or pants. And their shoes, so awesome. I definitely regret liking those combinations. But this song is super entertaining.

This is probably the only song I can fully say I remember from these guys. I mean I know I loved those Lachey boy, but for the most part I didn't think their songs were too incredibly memorable. This one, on the other hand, was awesome. I loved it. I still jam to it (on my guilty pleasure playlist on Spotify). Did you hear they are reuniting? It's not the boy band reunion that I really want (seriously NSYNC, get with the program), but it's cool.

Ohh LFO, another group my dad hated. This song was like the best song ever, and I honestly still love listening to it (I loved playing it at the pool this summer. The kids looked at me like I was crazy as I was jamming to this. I basically labeled myself as the old fart guard but whatever, I enjoyed myself). As I listen to this now though I realize that they kind of talk about really random stuff from the 90's. Here's a lyric sample:
Hip Hop Marmalade spic And span,
Met you one summer and it all began
You're the best girl that I ever did see,
The great Larry Bird Jersey 33
When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet
Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets

Yea, this was a guilty pleasure. I still jam to it. So random. So funny. This kid was so cool, but then he started dealing dope or something. 

This is not everything by far. Though these were my go to listens. I thought I was so cool jamming to these sweet tunes. I danced to them and everything. My sister and I would actually play "dance recital" and some of these tunes were featured in our recitals. We were awesome, so please don't act like you aren't jealous. My dad definitely did not approve of a lot of these artists, but there was on that he did approve of. Some of you may have never heard of them, but when I got their cd it was all I listened to. They were my favorite, and I was obsessed. Well, there were two groups that I loved. So I'll end with those two videos. There is no explanation needed for them. They are cheesy, which seems to be a common theme with my musical tastes (is it any wonder that I have a soft spot for bad pop music?)


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