Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Have a Confession To Make...

It pains me to say this. I kind of hate myself for this. I can't believe it has come to this. I have not liked this singer for so long, but it was bound to happen that there is one song that is so catchy, so ridiculous, and so cheesy. And the music video just makes it so much better. Ok, here it goes.... Bieber.

Ugh, I know right? I have referred to him as a female so many times, and I still consider him to be a female. Before I tell you the song you still must know something important. I DO NOT like Justin Bieber, I just happen to enjoy a song of his. I still think he's obnoxious. I still think he looks and sounds like a girl. I still think he is awkward and should never say the word "swag" (I thought I was too white to use the word "swag" so how does a Canadian get away with it?).

Ok, here's the song:

Oh goodness. I can almost feel the eyes rolls. Please don't judge me. I feel like the only reason I enjoy it is this video. There's that cheesy dancing in the wading part of the pool. I'm not going to lie, through that entire part I watch the dancers behind him and not him. I think that the dance itself is cool, but then there's him. The part that he's singing underwater with the girls around him is creepy, and how does he come up out of the water with perfectly styled hair? I worked at a pool, and I know for a fact that it does not happen like that. The awkward synchronized swimmers part is also a favorite of mine (did I mention early that I really love things that are super cheesy?). But my all time favorite part is when Nicki Minaj comes in. Notice how she is super creepy with Justin Bieber. The word "wiener" is in the song, and it is definitely meant as something sexual and not like a hot dog at a ballpark. And the fact that you can rhyme his ex-girlfriend's name with the word "wiener" is too funny for me. Then there's the awkward body roll together where she's almost grinding on him. AH, this video is filled with awkward, but it's exactly why I like it. I love the awkward, and I love how catchy it is.

Congratulations Bieber, you successfully did something I enjoy. I hate you for this (remember, I love the song and cannot stand the singer. It IS possible).

Friends, please please PLEASE send me to the mental institution if I start liking something from One Direction *shudder*. That would literally be the end of the world.

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