Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just an Update on the Mouse Situation

Yes, I realize that the discovery had been made about a week ago. I've been busy starting a new (part-time, but at least I'm working) job and spending money on Christmas and all that fun stuff. So the mice. Turns out, the mice have been nowhere to be found (so I'm crossing my fingers hoping they are actually like the mice on Cinderella and are working on some fabulous ensemble for me to wear and are cleaning up after themselves). My grandpa had a theory that there were squirrels in there, and the squirrels are also nowhere to be found. Turns out that we had......BATS.

Ugh, yes...bats. I'm pretty sure there are no nice movie references to bats. Most bats are actually evil vampires are they end up sucking your blood and whatnot. I guess Bartok in Anastasia wasn't too terrible. He turned out to be a not so bad bat.

If you do not understand that reference I am really disappointed in you. Oh, and NO...Anastasia is NOT a Disney movie. My goodness, the amount of people that do not understand that. Oh, and side note...Balto is NOT a Disney movie either.

Anyway, back on topic. Instead of having a bat like Bartok (not too terribly bright, gives terrible advice...) I had a real one. A real bat that somehow got caught on a sticky mouse trap (that is beyond me). Ick, bats are just gross and I cannot stand them. However, since the bat had been caught I have heard no noise of creatures running around. Success? I really hope so.

Next time there is some crazy animal running around my house, can it be something awesome. Like, hey, how about someone makes sure that its Pascal from Tangled. That guy was awesome. Though if he is not 100% like Pascal, then I don't want him.

I guess it's safe to assume that I wish my life was an animated movie...ha

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