Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I have never won a contest, ever.

Which is why I'm blogging about his particular contest. I've entered contest after contest and never won a single thing. What makes this contest so much more exciting for me is that it would involve expanding my collection of books (my future children should NEVER complain about not having stuff to read, because we have too many books as it is and keep adding more. I love it!). The Story Siren is a blog about books that I follow and she is putting on a contest in which she will send 3 winners a box full of books. I hope you are as excited to read that as I am to write about it and maybe, possibly, hopefully win. If I win I will for sure share all the goodies that I won via pictures and if you are my real life friend I can definitely lend a book or two to you.

So this blog post is just in hopes that I can win something for once in my life.


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