Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Throwback Thursday!

And even though I should be getting ready to head out and run errands and then come back for an afternoon of baking and figuring out my life (yes, your typical Thursday right?) I decided that this would be much more fun to do at this moment. I have all day to get the other stuff done and then to dive into a library book. I'm good (and no, I have not found a job yet...but I'm looking. You can only look at jobs and apply for so many in one day before your brain explodes.) right?

So I'm a sucker for Throwback Thursday. All those other things for the other days of the week that they tried to get to catch on...well they suck. My Man Crush Monday is never going to change, so why should I even talk about it. Woman Crush Wednesday? Seriously...I hate the term "Woman Crush."  Stop it ladies, just stop it. I honestly don't know what Tuesday is, but Friday ends up being like flashback which is the same as Thursday so who really cares. I also LOVE looking at old pictures and getting all nostalgic. Maybe its because I live far away from my hometown? Maybe it's because it's really funny to look back and see that as much as I made fun of my dad's mullet I too had a mullet and only hope he has heard my many apologies. I really am sorry dad. But lets be honest, a two year old girl with a slight mullet in the 90's was WAY cuter than a grown man with a mullet. I really do have a lot of things to accomplish for once, and I thought it would be much more fun to think of some of my past musical obsessions. I only say obsessions because this was an obsession, and I'm still slightly in love with them even though they are no longer a group. I secretly hope for a reunion. The reunion they had at the MTV video awards in 2013...well lets say I was pumped even if it was short lived (SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, get over that already. They were there to support the guy getting the reward, not to try to make it all happen again. It was in support of him. They'll never do a reunion tour or make music again...we have to move on).
Yes...I'm talking NSYNC. The ultimate group to throw back to on this Thursday.

We start in 1998 with this lovely video. It's so 90's, and I still love it. Those outfits, well they are just fabulous. Who doesn't love the tight shirt and baggy pants combo? And Justin's blue shirt...a zip-up can you not want to wear that yourself? And the dancing...the dancing is superb. Take note boy bands of 2014...learn to dance like this. And learn to harmonize (yes...I'm talking to you One suck). The hip shaking, shoulder shaking, jumping around like idiots...its what I miss a lot. Dear NSYNC, I want you back! Side note...nice face at around 3:07 Justin!

Let's just have a quick word about this one. Justin...the ramen noodle hair. As in love with you as I was...I always hoped you would ditch the ramen look (and I am so glad you did). This showed off the talents of more than just Justin and JC. And showed us all that if you wear silk PJS in a padded room there WILL be some sort of breeze blowing through. You also think that if you were to ever get locked up, you would hope it would be with them because they kind of made it entertaining. This is a typically overlooked single, but I just wanted to say that I do love it, and support it, and thought it should definitely go here. Also, I really wanted to find Tearin' Up My Heart...but youtube said it's not available in my country. Because that is the ultimate example of wind blowing 90's fashion. But it's cool guys...I found it on vimeo...Check out this 90's awesomeness.

Ahhh...those overalls. SO glamorous.

We move on. Now I know that everyone is shocked that I picked this one over Bye Bye Bye. I love Bye Bye Bye. But I decided due to its popularity I could pass over it for this awesome video. Should we talk about how much I wanted one of those dolls? I saw one at a thrift shop once, but was sadly broke and could not afford it. And my mom did not looked amused enough to buy it for me. She would have changed my life, but noooooo. Moving on. We obviously have the awesome dancing and the fabulous fashion of the early 2000's. I always wondered how anyone passed up on these dolls for the other ones. I mean its good the dancing won the girl over, but still. I just can't get over the shiny pants, or the super red hair, or that super bleached jacket and pants combo. Who picked their clothes? I want to know. I want reasons for these particular fashions.

Such red hair, such dark clothes. Why the random jean jacket?

Ahhhh yes, more awesome early 2000's fashion. This time...turtlenecks. I have one in the world did Joey Fatone NOT get the turtleneck memo? How on earth is he the only one exposing his neck? Does his beard make him warmer and not need it? Does he have an irrational fear of turtlenecks? Also, and like the 1:25 mark...are he and Lance just having a causal convo while the other three are seriously making a music video? Sorry...random observations. And OMG JC's pants....what are they? Also, the little does she get those bubbles to suddenly be in the woods where NSYNC just happens to be singing? She has quite the set of lungs. It's it kind of ridiculous that I have WAY more observations about fashion on this particular video than the other ones. I think that in the ones before this there was the dancing to distract me, or the ridiculous crazy behaviors in a mental ward. But in this one, there is no dancing. The clothing choices just STICK OUT. But...I do love this song. I just sometimes try to forget about this particular video.

Ahhh yes. This album was the first NSYNC album I owned. You may be shocked by this since I clearly have had such love with this particular group since the 90's. Sadly, my dad did not approve of this particular group. In fact, this album was something I was not allowed to buy. I was quite sad to think that I would NEVER own any NSYNC album until once Christmas I received it as a gift from my sister. I guess it took some serious convincing on her part for her to buy it for me for Christmas, but eventually my dad gave in. I'm sure he later regret that since I played it NONSTOP. So even though I have had such a long run with this group so far, I knew this album by heart. The song Girlfriend made me SUPER nervous. They said "damn" and I knew my dad would not appreciate it, so I remember that whenever we would listen to the song we would scream "darn" so that we could cover it up. I'm sure he never caught on, right mom? Getting back the video I posted, I loved this song. I actually danced to it one year and SO wish I had video of it. At this point in my life it could embarrass me, but I was so excited that my dance teacher picked this song. This song had EVERYTHING. Dancing, beatboxing, a catching chorus. I loved it. And the video, how do you top that dance break? The clothing changes, ah! So wonderful. AND, Justin had a hair cut. MAJOR PLUS!

And then there's this emotional ballad. I loved this song, so much. I realize I have said this about nearly every song, but it's true. I was in love with all their songs. I have nothing to say to make fun of anything about this one, honestly. I really enjoy it. I guess they do look pretty ridiculous just sitting there singing back up to Justin, but we all knew what was happening at this point. We knew that Justin was gearing up to go solo. This song and video was definite proof. We should all probably get over it, but it's still a sore subject.

Now lets just was SUPER hard to know what I should or should not post. So here's some I REALLY wanted to post and discuss my likes/dislikes/loves about but decided against that. Now I'll just post them:

and then there's this beauty: HERE WE GO

I could go on and on. But I should probably be done and move on with my life. But we all know, life has not been the same since this fabulous band... One day NSYNC.... One day...

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