Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday!

I have, once again, been slacking in participating in something I enjoy. Go figure right. Well, I thought this was a perfectly fun and easy one to kind of ease myself back into it, because I love Top Ten Tuesday (thanks to a blog I follow... The Broke and the Bookish). This week's Top Ten...TV Shows or Movies. But, as you all know, I LOVE movies but can never pick top ten. And then I have to deal with the whole do I call Harry Potter one movie, or do I count each individual one as a movie. I tried, but it wasn't worth the struggle. Yep, good luck picking just the top 10 TV shows right? But I'm going to try my best. Here we go (in no particular order).

Project Runway!
Oh man, I love this show. I love Tim Gunn and would love to have him over for tea or whatever and just talk about life, seriously. I think the reason I love this show it that I love watching these people create these HUGE works of art for their models to wear for each challenge. The time restraint makes it even more amazing in my eyes, especially since I myself am no sewing expert. I also love the cheesy reality show drama. There's always that one person that you cannot stand, and that person has HUGE drama with another person. It's one of my favorite reality shows. 

Parks and Recreation!
Ok, I must admit...this show took some time to grow on me. I actually HATED the first season. I thought it tried to be too much like The Office (because it started around the time that they were going strong) and it just hurt to watch. But I kept going, because EVERYWHERE I read that this show was so funny and well done. Yep, I made the right choice. I sometimes recommend skipping the first season. All you need to know about that is that there is a pit that Andy fell into (breaking both of his legs) and Ann Perkins meets Leslie to try and get it filled. The end. The actors in this show are amazing, and the jokes and everything are just perfect. There is not one character that I dislike, which is awesome. And they are just doing everything right in my opinion. I'm sad they only have one more season, and that Ann and Chris are gone, but I think that they are going to end it in the perfect way. The last season they definitely started to focus less on Leslie and more on the other characters. I highly highly highly recommend watching this.

How I Met Your Mother!
Ohhhh HIMYM, you are soooo lucky that I love seasons 1-7 as much as I did, because 8 and 9 blew chunks. You had the occasional good joke, but you crushed my hopes and dreams on your series finale. If you haven't heard of this show, or of the hated finale, you should probably get out from under that rock you live under. Basically it follows Ted and his journey to find the mother of his kids. The whole time he is actually telling his kids the story. Imagine, a story that takes 9 years to tell. Ted, stop talking so much. I must say, I strongly disliked Ted. Ted was the character that was just stupid, and making super ridiculous decisions and was kind of full of himself in my opinion. I watched this show for the other characters and the talent of the writers (for the most part). They had some of the best running jokes that I can think of and the characters were just constantly entertaining. This show also caused me tears. No, not because of the ending (UGH, seriously guys) but because the characters go through normal things. Terrible, gut-wrenching break ups, family tragedies, personal tragedies. There are episodes I have to skip because it gets so sad. I like that a comedy can take a situation like some of those and show a way to get through and be happy in the end. I loved this show, but I definitely pretend that season 9 did not exist (I can live with season 8).

Seriously, how can you go wrong with Benedict Cumberbatch? I know people aren't entirely happy with how things are going, but I'm in love with this show. I think it is so clever and is stacked with fantastic actors. I also kind of love that each season is short. I mean three episodes each lasting an hour and a half seems kind of nice. It gives you time to catch up if you're behind and stuff. Also, it seems that I am in love with British shows. They seem to be able to do shows like this right. I almost feel like as a culture America relies too much on the sex aspect of things. People always need to be involved romantically, but it needs to be like raunchy. I love that a majority of the British dramas that I watch stick away from that. They also seem to always get fantastic actors, whether they are well known or not, and the plot just always sticks with me. I love Sherlock, and I cannot wait for more.

Downton Abbey!
Speaking of all things British...I love this show. I am one of those that is addicted and tries to push it on anyone that is willing to watch. Its one of those dramas that you are so emotionally invested in. I've laughed, I've sobbed (let's not talk about the episode that caused me the most grief), and I've cheered all the characters on through all of their hardships. Stellar cast, amazing filming locations, and amazing costumes. I think this show in general is just gorgeous. I think I love it so much for the same reasons as Sherlock, it doesn't make sex a huge issue. Yes, it happens, but it's not what is making the world go round and causing all the drama between everyone. I have cared for each character in this series (well...there's a few I didn't care for...but that was supposed to happen) and I cannot wait until the next season starts. They do an excellent job of getting some of the history of that time period into it and showing what it does to all the characters in Downton.

Game of Thrones!
Ok, first off...I did not read the books. I honestly couldn't follow them. So many characters doing so many things and then GRRM really likes to describe EVERYTHING, and I just got lost. Second, I realize that this show is a bit controversial in some circles. I know the nudity is ridiculous (yes...I tend to go find something else to do around that time) and there are some serious moral issues. So why do I watch it? The story line is incredible. Like there is so much going on, and you have to hope that your favorite character is going to be alive in the end. GRRM created quite the interesting world for his characters, and I just find watching all of it so interesting. I also see that those doing things that are questionable, morally, tend to struggle a lot at some point because of it. I don't agree with a lot of those things, but I'm always so interested to see who will end up on top.  This is another one with incredible actors and incredible costuming. Seriously, if you have the chance you should look up some of the costumes. The detailing in the outfits is incredible. I realize this show is not for everyone, and I realize that there is a lot that is not so good about this show. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It's the story line that keeps me involved, though there are many times where I look away, though recently it has not been as bad.

The Walking Dead!
Yea, another show I did not expect to like. I honestly don't care for zombies. It's not that it scares me, I just don't care for it. And this show does get a bit creepy (which is why I will have to wait for Jake to get back from Germany before I can start the new season in October) but it has an interesting story line as well. I love the characters. You would assume that this show is just about people killing zombies to survive, but honestly there's a huge struggle there with each character. They question what they are doing constantly, and have to deal with the aftermath of anything they done. There are repercussions that they face, and there are other people that want to hurt them. This story is so much more than killing zombies to survive, this is surviving while dealing with issues with other people and yourself. The zombies add a lot more complications to those daily issues. I think I like this show because I am a bit of a dystopian nerd. I love reading books where it's suddenly the end of the world, and trying to see what other people think they will do when it's the end. Solid actors in this show, great story line, believable costuming. I mean come on, we can't say that end of the world costumes are gorgeous. 

Gilmore Girls!
Ahhh I loved this show so much. It's one of those I will occasionally binge on because it's just that fantastic. I love the witty banter between Rory and Lorelei and how they approach every situation. In general, I loved Lorelei. She just had this strong independent woman thing going, but in the right way. She wasn't showy about it, just just did it. She may have had ridiculous relationships with men when we all knew she needed to be with Luke, but that is besides the point. The relationship between the mother and daughter is really fun too. It shows a strong bond that definitely gets tested from time to time, but you can see they always pull through. Also, I think it should be said that I was always Team Rory and Jess. I loved those those. I hated Dean, and Logan was THE WORST. I don't think my little blurb is doing this show justice, so if you haven't watched it you should. It ended kinda weird, but I loved it all.

So You Think You Can Dance!
Yea, I've been on a bit of a SYTYCD kick lately. I have missed out on it a lot the past few years with not having TV connections and such, but I am so glad I am able to watch it now. I love seeing the different styles of dance that everyone comes with, and seeing how they can make that translate into a style they never thought they would do. As a past dancer, it makes my night watching this show and a little sad too. I was never at the level of a lot of these dancers, but it does make me miss it. I LOVE that this season we have some tap dancers (I loved tap dancing, and I really want to find a way to start that up again) as well as some legitimate ballerinas. I was getting kind of tired of watching EVERYONE do contemporary dancing. It gets old, but with all the different styles they're bringing in I think this season could be super entertaining. It has been so far!

Mad Men!
I just love to hate Don Draper. I really do. He's a bit of a butthead, but he's also good at what he does. This show is so well done, in my opinion. It's a slow start in the first season, but it definitely picks up. They weave history into this so well. I love how they show where in the world we are with the show and exactly what time frame by showing them all deal with different things like JFK and such. The costumes are fantastic. It seems I really like shows with great costumes, but seriously. I love them all, and kind of wish I had some of them. It has a great group of actors and so much drama. I also really love getting a look at how they did advertising back in the day. I think it's a really cool look back, and it made for an incredible career. And that Don Draper. He's quite good looking, but man...I love to hate him.

Honorable Mentions (TV and Movies)
Obviously this was super hard, and some of them made the list because I'm currently in the middle of watching them and am just loving it. Other TV shows I worth mentioning...Vikings (thank you History Channel), Scandal (yea...it relies on a lot of things I don't like, but it is a little addicting and it makes me question a lot of things), Call the Midwife (another British drama. Very interesting), The Office (the US version obviously. I loved this show so much), and The Voice (it's one of the 3-4 reality competition shows I watch. It's good).
Some movies worth mentioning....500 Days of Summer (it's not your typical love story, which makes it even better), Footloose (the Kevin Bacon one...OBVIOUSLY), Pride and Prejudice (I love the Keira Knightley one. So good), a lot of the recent Marvel movies and X-Men.

And now I should be done. I could keep listing movies for forever, which is why I thought it best to just mention some. I also have a list of TV shows that I am needing to try and finish or try and start. I love reading, but I love TV and movies too.  

That's all I have everyone. I should probably go find something lunch-like since I haven't yet ate today.

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